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IPMA Project Excellence Certification Training in March, 2016!

Performance of Project is evaluated based on customer satisfaction in terms of time, scope, quality and cost. Project excellence pushes these boundaries of satisfaction requirement indicators with innovation, leadership and professional grit that overcomes challenges, rapidly adapts to changes, simplifies complexity and reduces uncertainties into risks; consequently, positively impacting the project baselines for better project results. Further, the lessons learned are fed back into the organization’s Process Assets for future reference and leverage.  

The globally standardized IPMA Project Excellence Model can be referenced by individuals and organizations alike to assess project excellence. Through local MAs, the projects can be submitted for IPMA Project Excellence Awards. Each year the submitted projects are assessed by certified IPMA Project Excellence Assessors and then evaluated by the Panel of Juries for Awards.

If you have project management experiences you can get certified as an Assessor. Come join us in the Project Excellence Training in March (25th - 27th) this year and learn about the model and advance your PM Career by becoming an IPMA certified Assessor. 

Trainers:   Brian Cracknell          Grzegorz Szalako 

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Project Perspective Re-Starts!

PMAN is re-starting its periodic Project Perspective event from December 2015! With the launch of IPMA certification in Nepal in March, 2016, we are very pleased to continue our conversations on PM.

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Buddha Air wins 2014 Bronze PM Exellence Awards

Buddha Air wins 2014 Bronze PM Excellence Awards in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in Medium and Big Sized category of the projects.

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IPMA 4-L-C PM Certification in March, 2016

PMAN is offering IPMA's Project Management Four Level Certifications (4-L-C) this year. As a start the certifications will be limited to only D and C. B and A are subject to demand and hence will be offered in due course of time.

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UCEP and Lamjung District Community Hospital Wins IPMA Awards

UCEP and Lamjung District Community Hospital has won 2015 IPMA Project Achievement Awards in Internationally Funded Humanitarian Aid and Community Service/Development categories, respectively.

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