The IPMA Nepal Project Excellence Award (Nepal PE Award)

IPMA Nepal PE Award recognizes and honors excellence in project[1] and program[2] management.

A winning project[3] will be one that demonstrates, through narratives and documentary evidence, excellence and/or innovation in the application of project management.

The award is presented to the most successful project team in Nepal that promotes professional project management and achieves high performance, motivates team members, and continuously improves by identifying and optimizing their strengths and areas for improvement.

The first of the annual national award will be announced at a project management professional development event organized by Project Management Association of Nepal (PMAN) on Sunday, March 29, 2020 (१६ चैत २०७६, आइतवार) at Kathmandu Marriott Hotel.

Project Management Association of Nepal

This national award is presented by PMAN, a member association of International Project Management Association (IPMA).

It has been serving the project and program management community since 2006 by enhancing competence of individuals, teams and organizations. It promotes exchange of knowledge and practices between practitioners; highlights benefit of successes and supports for improvement.

IPMA is the umbrella international association of more than 72 member associations[4]. Since 2002, it has been organizing annual IPMA Global Project Excellence Awards – the world’s most prestigious international award for project management excellence.

IPMA Nepal PE Award is the national version of IPMA Global PE Awards. The basis of assessment for the award is the IPMA Project Excellence Baseline® (PEB)[5], the standard for excellence in project management.


Any project in public, private, or non-profit sector that:

  • was accepted by the client or owner
  • was implemented and completed in Nepal by no later than July 16, 2019 (Asar 31, 2076)
  • had a budget of at least NRs. 1,000,000 (One million Nepali Rupees)

[1]   A project is a unique, temporary, multi-disciplinary and organized endeavor to realize agreed deliverables within predefined requirements and constraints. Project management typically involves personnel from project management associates up to senior project managers. (International Project Management Association 2015).

[2]   A program is set up to achieve a strategic goal. A program is a temporary organization of interrelated program components managed in a coordinated way to enable the implementation of change and the realization of benefits. Program management typically involves senior project managers or project directors (International Project Management Association 2015).

[3]   A phase of a larger project or program is also eligible to apply.

[4]   As of January 2020

[5]   It can be downloaded for free from here.

Benefits of applying for the IPMA Nepal Project Excellence Award

Become part of the global project excellence community

The national award will be presented at a ceremony attended by leaders of project management associations and experts from more than 70 countries.

Benchmark your performance

The Feedback Report finalists receive will highlight the project management strengths and areas of improvement of your project, identified by an expert assessment team. It will be your benchmark for continuous learning and improvement.

Promote your organization in Nepal and internationally

Your achievement as a ‘Finalist’ and ‘Winner’ of the award will be published in all current and future PMAN and IPMA media. You can feature the banner of ‘Finalist’ and ‘Winner’ of the award provided by PMAN in your publications.

Celebrate your team and organizations’ achievements

There is no better way to: be on the spotlight, receive an appreciation, thank your people, and enjoy a good time together with professionals who appreciate your success!

Be nominated to participate in the IPMA Global Project Excellence Award from Nepal

The Winner will have an opportunity to showcase their achievement and continue the journey of excellence in project management by being nominated from Nepal to the most prestigious award for project management in the world, presented at the Awards Gala during the IPMA World Congress!!

  • The application process is explained here.
  • The evaluation framework and scoring criteria is explained here.
  • Request an Expression of Interest Form here.