Be recognized as a “Professional”

IPMA Certification is internationally recognized. A lesser known fact is that IPMA certifies the most project, program, and portfolio managers than any other organization in the world. It is a professional qualification versus an academic one. It can only be achieved by a practitioner.

The assessment is performance-based and subjected to intensive documentary evidence, face-to-face interview to verify understanding of what was done and why. Actual, on-the-job performance is assessed. Assessment is conducted by experienced and certified project, program, and portfolio managers. Evaluation is based on results achieved with your approach to managing projects. There are no requisite proprietary standards, forms, tools, or processes.

  • We do not require you to take any mandatory training.
  • We offer free consultations to explain the certification process and assist you to apply.
  • A quick comparison of available pm certifications will reveal that it is by far the best value for the money.

Being certified will be a landmark in your career. You can use the certification mark / title on your CV, business card and correspondence. It is a mark of your identity. You can be proud that you achieved a status that few people qualify to pursue, and even fewer achieve.

IPMA certification adds value to what you do as a project management professional. Your stakeholders will have assurance of what you can deliver. It tells them that you can apply the methods & processes, skills and attitudes in practice. The professional qualification tells them that you have undergone a rigorous evaluation by peers and shown your competence.

 Your company values people with competence. You achieve strategic change sought through projects,

programs, and portfolios. Competent program and project managers are key contributors to profitability.

 Your seniors (Project Management Office Manager / Team Leader) want to deliver projects successfully and build credibility with stakeholders. They will value your qualification as you can adapt best practices to their requirements. They will want to retain and encourage you to improve your skills and those around you for improving performance.

As a consultant, your professional credentials can be a valuable asset when bidding on a project.

Your clients will prefer experts who are technically sound and have the ability to deliver according to plan. Certification provides positive proof to rely on your abilities

As a teacher or trainer, you need to educate the difference between basic project management knowledge and the skills, behavioral attributes and competences needed to achieve consistent project performance.

As a project team member, it is never too late to learn and develop your project management competence. In an age of agile management, your role is just as important.

As an ethical practitioner, you will be committing to make a just, equitable, and sustainable society.

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