IPMA Organizational Competence Baseline

Standard for organizations to assess and improve maturity on project, program and portfolio management

IPMA Project Excellence Baseline

The standard describes how to assess and continue on the journey of excellence in project and program management

IPMA Individual Competence Baseline: Standard on Competence for Project Managers

Requisite competence defined in following areas:
“People”: how do you interact with the people around you, and yourself
“Practice” of our work: needed for projects
“Perspective” of the initiatives you’re running: the context within which the initiative is run and the link to what needs to be achieved

Project Handbook, pma (Project Management Austria)

Outlines key project management processes and tools – key reference guide for IPMA Certification through pma (Project Management Austria), also a practical workbook for PM practitioners

pm baseline (standard), pma (Project Management Austria)

Concise and comprehensive description of relevant knowledge elements and methods for project and program management and for the management of project-oriented organizations – key reference document for IPMA Certification through pma (Project Management Austria)