IPMA certifications for project, program and portfolio managers and agile leaders

Nepali Project, Program and Portfolio management practitioners and agile leaders can now seek world’s leading role-based IPMA Four Level Certification (4-L-C) through a collaboration with Projekt Management Austria (pma).

pma, one of the leading member associations of IPMA, offers certifications to project, program and portfolio managers and agile leaders based on IPMA’s Competency Standards.

There are more than 200,000 IPMA certified professionals worldwide. The IPMA 4-L-C system operates within 3 domains: project, program and portfolio management and includes 4 levels of competence that can be interpreted as a career path of a project management professional.

A professional is certified for the role s/he has performed. The certification process comprises several steps. To learn about eligibility criteria, application process, required knowledge and experience, documents, and exams, please visit here.

The level of competence of a candidate is evaluated by certified assessors. The entire certification process, from application to receiving the certificate, takes place online using web-based tools and video-conferencing.

The certification title can be used by a professional to his/her identity. Certified professional’s name will be added on our website as well as on pma and IPMA’s web directory.

Re-certification is required after a 5-year period for all levels and will be based on evidence of continuous Professional Development Units.

For reference and materials for preparation, please visit here.

You can also write to certification@pman.org.np for specific concerns or questions.